Six Gap North Georgia ~ 77 mile exciting & scenic figure 8 tour

The entire figure 8 including the short 3 mile US 129 connector is 77 miles long. The southern loop is 35 miles and the northern loop is 38 miles. Each of the six segments includes crossing through a mountain “gap” or low pass, hence the name Six Gap. Four of these gaps are at points where the Appalachian Trail, stretching from Georgia to Maine, crosses the roadway. So you can understand how the mountain terrain makes for some good riding.


Stonepile Gap at the intersection of US19 and GA60, resting place of Trahlyta of Cherokee legend. The historical marker at Stonepile, her supposed resting place, reads, “custom arose among the Indians and later the Whites to drop stones, one for each passerby, on her grave for good fortune.” Today there is a pile of stones some six feet high.

Latest News

Wolf Pen Gap, part of the Six Gap Loop in north Georgia, has been repaved. The much needed improvements will make this a safer ride.

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History of Six Gap

The earliest civilization in the north Georgia area were the Moundbuilders dating from 950 AD. As their population declined in the 1300s, the Cherokee tribes began to increase in population. By 1700 the Cherokee population is estimated at between 30,000 and 50,000 members. As settlers moved into the territory the native population was severely affected by epidemics. By 1830 when the Trail of Tears began relocating the Cherokee to Oklahoma their population was estimated at 20,000.

A large Indian mound can be seen a few miles east of Helen at the GA75/GA17 intersection. The Nacoochee site dates to the early1500s.